The Clara Chronicles

Welcome to The Clara Chronicles by me, Clara Hill. Scottish-Bermudian writer, journalist & Elaine Benes stan | words @independent @eastlondonlines| voice @wisdomteethcast| she/her

Over the coronavirus lockdown, I’ve been reaching for my comfort pop culture. Forms have varied from TV, movies and books.

As the internet will let you know, some of these have aged well and some of them have characters that need to be in maximum security prisons *this is looking at you Mr Schuester from Glee*. Some are completely new to me, and some have been with me since my sister would make me watch, even if they were not for ten-year-olds.

They might scratch a glorious angry itch, might belong in a bin or they might be a sheer unadulterated pleasure (anything concerning by Nora Ephron or Elaine Benes FYI)

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